Yesterday’s Crossroads – Chapter 2 [v0.3.0] CHAQUINN0

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Game Details

Operating System:Windows, Linux, Mac

Game Storyline

Yesterday’s Crossroads tells the story of a guy fresh out of college entering the adulthood responsibilities as he finds himself in an unimaginable situation having to cope and move forward.

The Prologue chapter will take you through how everything started introducing Kim, a lovely South Korean exchange student now living and working here after graduation. All seems fine and beautiful, until a big revelation changes everything. The Chapter 1 takes off a year after Kim has returned to her home country, it is time to leave that emotional limbo you tucked yourself into, get out there and start living again.

A sudden break up of a long term relationship is filled with hardships and it’s up to you to decide whether you want to get up and keep going or stay on the ground. Life is not as simple as it seems to be and it’s going to be up to you, the player, to follow the crossroads life will bring your way.

Version Changelog

(Version 0.2.2)

Chapter 1:

[]Fixed internal code variables; []Fixed an issue that was preventing Julia to ignore the conversation between the MC and Keyla within a specific requirement;
[*]Fixed an issue that was preventing earning a relationship point with Julia at the park hangout scene. (This was only affecting those who were not already in Julia’s route and chose to kiss her, if you were already in her route no problems here).

Game Images

Yesterday’s Crossroads – Chapter 2 [v0.3.0] CHAQUINN0 Download Links


Update v0.2.2 (patch only):

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