Wicked Island [v0.8.4.6] RawDarkness

Download the complete game file of Wicked Island 100% free. Developer Team released a game called Wicked Island on patreon platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Operating System:Windows

Game Storyline

Adult open world survival with sex defeat system. Combat horny monsters, Craft and upgrade your gear, unlock pet monsters and upgrade them for more sex animations.​

Version Changelog



  • falling through the map should now teleport you back to start of map. Preferably you shouldn’t be able to fall through the world, but shit happens torches
  • codex input mapping under inputs menu
  • ability to change building height (shift + scroll)
  • added black birds circling overhead of most points of interests (dungeon entrances, camps etc)
  • All trees will procedurally spawn a stump when cut and will spawn logs when falling to the ground. Also added effect for tree trunk shrinking when cut as well as tree falling.
  • added some more coal to palces missing it
  • stun as a status effect
  • power attacks that will stun enemies but cost stamina (attack + ctrl)
  • dash attack will stun enemies in its path
  • 2 troll animations that for some reason wasnt added before
  • Quest descriptions for each stage of quests
  • ability to spawn specific item in cheat menu
  • Actor count in cheat menu, this is for debugging purposes, it counts all actors across the map and displays the count goats


  • Removed stamina cost of normal weapon attacks
  • Interaction text to be in the middle of the screen
  • reduced size of some text widgets
  • increased out of combat stamina regen
  • nightly spawns should no longer appear near buildings
  • hid pubic hair options in menu as they don’t currently work
  • replaced all ruins with new meshes and made them much bigger (and added a new one as well)
  • replaced graycott village with a much larger and more detailed village
  • replaced stonhelm castle with a much larger and more detailed castle
  • disabled several unused plugins
  • changed so that the mouse should always be locked to viewport, even after alt tabbing
  • replaced the model of coal ore and the item description
  • increased respawn duration all ores
  • increased size of iron ore
  • increased time before cooked food spoils (from 15 to 30min for standard tier and to 45min for high tier foor)
  • added a delay between an item drops and before it is auto picked up
  • removed mallet from crafting list as its not used for anything currently
  • changed the model of branches to make them easier to spot
  • changed the model for wheat
  • Reworked UI design across the game
  • Journal and codex are now in the same UI, also changed the look of how quests are tracked
  • naming the character will now prompt you before starting a new game, to prevent players missing it
  • enemies with weapons will have the weapons hidden during scenes
  • changed face light to be rectangular for better eye reflections
  • changed default keys for dodge, jump and toggle walk (jump = space, dodge = alt, walk = f)
  • tweaked jumping to feel better overall and made jump height higher
  • quests will now look if item already exist in inventory as well as if its being added when checking for collection/crafting/giving birth
  • made limbs harder to cut off enemies and made feet cuttable before death
  • tweaked AI to be better at detecting the player and not getting random blackouts mid fight
  • Changed AI flocking behaviour to only affect certain AI,s the others will instead have a home location they go back to
  • location of character presets, this means some presets will be added by default to all installs. To move your old presets, copy them from %LocalAppData%\UnrealEngine\5.3\Saved to you game folder\WickedIslandFull\Windows\WickedIsland
  • Renamed weregoat baby to satyr
  • horse is now summoned by a warhorn (item) rather than a key
  • Changed horse model and mount system completely to be more fluid in movement and nicer to control
  • Disabled enemies/POIs on compass/map until i get it sorted properly
  • removed skillpoint gain from discovering landmarks until load/save of them can be fixed

Game Images

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