The BloodRiver Saga: Retransmitter [v.0.05t P1] ND Ferret Studio

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Game Details

Developer:ND Ferret Studio
Operating System:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android

Game Storyline

Everyone is used to the fact, that Izuku Midoriya is a typical “true hero” that would do a lot for peaceand safety of others. But what if the story had turned out to be completely different from the very start? In the reality, where there wouldn’t be a hero №1, that gifted him his powers, but a cold, unscrupulous man, that counts on the fact that the main hero can’t simply deny him… What if we had seen a completely different Izuku – not so “ideal” and “pure”, but, at the same time, not a complete bastard that forgot what it means to be a human. (My Hero Academia PARODY)​

Version Changelog

Changelog v.0.05t Part 1:


  • Ukrainian localization updated to the current version of the game (from 0.04 Part 2 to 0.05 Part 1)
  • Expanding the capabilities of the “Cossack Khorunzhiy” teer code – now you can increase all relationships with each character to the maximum, as well as disable all additional activities (the need to attend classes, additional ones). As for the latter, for example, when you use the code, you will be immediately transferred to Midnight events (if you have them already by plot), ignoring the need for training. It does not affect the ability to complete the game
  • The grind on characters that have not yet developed a core mini-game is significantly reduced
  • Improved checkpoint mechanics – now on the first page of the first save slot, you will always see the last checkpoint of the game, which will be signed and separately highlighted. This save cannot be overwritten or deleted, only downloaded. When you reach a new checkpoint in the game, you will be notified as before
  • When you press the skip time button on the global map or anywhere else in the absence of energy, you will be transferred to your room and sleep until the next day
  • Added a week counter to the left of the game time
  • Now every week, the game makes auto-saves, which you can find on the save page under the “W” section (note that this is a quick save page, so be careful)
  • When using the “Wait till…” feature, information about any missed classes for the corresponding number of days is now added to the system notification
  • Now you can train with both Uraraka and Asui at the same time in a day at the UA gym
  • Removed the blocking of rollbacks before a big event for all characters (Mei, Uraraka, Asui) – now you can always roll back.
  • Added a system message about changing the character description in the journal
  • Added a cutout location from the map of raids


  • Correction of the text of the Ukrainian version of the game, names of characters, objects, places, insertion of text in the missing places
  • Fixes in the GUI of the Ukrainian version – untranslated transitions, some menu selections, missing names of characters, items, etc
  • Correction of the journal GUI – the actions that need to be performed to complete the task will be cropped and fully displayed in the task description
  • Fixed the mechanics of time in the game (now entry point to events can be at any time in any form)
  • Fixed a bug with the progress bar of the map of raids, when it was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed the display of event marks on the map (the time when they can be performed)
  • Fixed characters descriptions and their updates in the journal
  • Corrected descriptions, actions, and locations of the tasks
  • Fixed the display of the settings menu in Android version
  • Fixed the display of “about” in the game in Android version
  • Fixed the display of Asui’s emotions in some scenes
  • Fixed some plot inconsistencies (you cannot invite more than 1 person to a date at once)

Game Images

The BloodRiver Saga: Retransmitter [v.0.05t P1] ND Ferret Studio Download Links


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