Terrene [v0.07] Cri-ten

Download the complete game file of Terrene 100% free. Developer Team released a game called Terrene on patreon platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Operating System:Windows, Linux, Android

Game Storyline

You’ve spent your whole life, never doing or accomplishing anything. From the moment of your birth till now, you’ve always just been a background NPC character. A lonely soul whose only purpose, was to simply fade away and be completely forgotten by the sands of time.

That is, until your life is suddenly turned upside down, and now you’ve been casted into a cruel and unforgiving world, far different than the one you’ve know on earth.

And unlike other protagonist, who typically carry the privilege of being OP from the start of their journey…..

You’re the opposite…..

Unfortunately, you’re just a regular 30 year old office worker, who’s only fighting experience, is his ability to smashing down an energy drink on late work nights.

And now this regular 9-5 Office worker, has to struggle and find a way to survive in this extremely hostile and unforgiving world… Oh, and did I mention that this world is destine to be obliterated by two powerful beings? Yet regardless, you must find a way to stop them, or just like this world you now reside in. You’ll end up being destroyed along with it.

Version Changelog


  • Act 1 of Terrene complete!
  • Updated Rena straight Avatar/added Side avatar
  • Updated Lenya’s Avatar
  • Updated Leng’s Avatar
  • Updated Bront’s Avatar
  • Added Jasmine’s Avatar
  • Added Ava’s Avatar
  • Added Milly’s Avatar
  • Added Julia’s Avatar
  • Added two new Guild Quests, for both Julia and Ava/Milly
  • Updated Faelia’s mother for Slave Guild Painting/Faelia Prologue Scene
  • Updated some older location like Slave Guild and Kalamata Center
  • About 15000-20000 words added between Love and Submission path
  • Finished both Lily’s Love and Submission Path, with unique scenes for each path
  • Added choice for marrying or enslaving Lily depending on the path chosen
  • Enabled Lily’s payments to James at the start of each month
  • Added Lily’s gruesome/bad ending if payments are not met
  • Multiple CGI’s added
  • 11 new Live 2D animations scenes added
  • Touched Up some of Lenya’s Older animations/scenes during Mage assassin Quest(Mainly her breasts)
  • Increased Lily Love/Submission points to 100
  • Added new version to “Slave Training” for Submission Path
  • Added new version to “Deepthroating Training” for Submission Path
  • Added new version to “BDSM Training” for Submission Path

Game Images

Terrene [v0.07] Cri-ten Download Links

Win/LinuxTerrene_Animated-0.07-pc.zip – 960.5 MB
Android (v0.05)Terrene_v0.05-release.apk – 718.3 MB

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