Termine [Free Roam v0.1] Starvy

Game Storyline

Some Genshin girls decide to have some fun dominating their victims before terminating them.​

Version Changelog

Free Roam v0.1
– Added free roam version of Termine
– Added Kuki as a playable free roam character
– Added experimental realistic head and eye movement with microsaccades for realism
– Added custom walk/crouch/idle/run animation cycles for Kuki
– Reworked lighting and shader settings
– Added player movement
– Added the first free roam map location
– Added custom post-processing for it
– Implemented takedown system
– Added the first takedown (dubbed it “Holy Cracker” ;p)
– Made the old hold system compatible with the free roam and implemented it
– Added NPC roam behavior for both the male and female victims
– Added pathfinding for NPCs
– Added rudimentary player detection behavior to NPCs
– Added Scared/Fleeing/Unscaring behavior to NPCs (that’s not a word is it?)
– Added movement animations and scared cycles for NPCs (Walking/Fleeing/Startled/Scared/Unscaring)
– Added downed animations for NPCs (Downed/Paralyzed/Writhing/KO/Dead)

Game Images

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