Silk and the City of Seduction [v2.02] Devious Delight Games

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Game Details

Developer:Devious Delight Games
Operating System:Windows, Android

Game Storyline

Follow Silk, a woman who developed powers once bitten by a radioactive spider, as she embarks on a quest to save the city she calls home. Defy odds and fight back against legendary villains, make allies with notorious heroes and antiheroes, and discover the secrets of the City of Seduction, New York. Silk will need to rise to the task to save the day, lest she falls into the hole of addiction, corruption, and depravity.​

Version Changelog


  • New home with interactive menu instead of a simple menu
  • As it’s hard to tell what type of content patrols will lead to, I have added tags to all patrols that give the player hints as to what the scene will involve, in case they want to avoid that content.
  • Improved the overall look of the game
  • New artwork for Cindy/Silk that applies in all dialogue
  • In my war agasinst unnecessary menus, I have added two new maps: Patrol Map: Silk can explore and initiate patrols from this map. I plan to add the pursuits to this map too, but they are currently in their own menu that appears before the map. (Accessed by selecting Superhero Work in her room.) Civilian Map: Cindy can go on dates, go to work, and go to school through this map. (Accessed by selecting Civilian Tasks in her room.)
  • Cindy can now adopt Reinar once progressing the kennel questline far enough
  • Introduction of two new villains
  • Introduction of a new character relating to school (No scenes with them, yet.)
  • Once you have explored the patrol map enough to uncover all available patrols in the update, the explore button can be used to quickly gain corruption without needing to sit through a scene
  • Experimenting with a nickname feature for relationships. Currently, this only applies to Black Cat, but Cindy can give her a pet name which she will call her in dialogue in new scenes. Likewise, she can set a pet name for Black Cat to call Cindy. This feature is still in it’s infancy, so expect changes to it in the future.
  • Once all patrols of an update have been explored, continuing to use the explore button will open a menu that will allow the player to raise and lower Silk’s corruption stat without watching
    a scene.
  • New Wardrobe UI

Game Images

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