Seed of the Dead 2: Sweet Home + Charm Song DLC [v2.08] TeamKRAMA

Download the complete game file of Seed of the Dead 2: Sweet Home + Charm Song DLC 100% free. Developer Team released a game called Seed of the Dead 2: Sweet Home + Charm Song DLC on patreon platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Operating System:Windows

Game Storyline

Prepare to Experience the Ultimate EX(Ecstasy)FPS. To protect that cute girl you like from the zombies and other horrors ravaging the streets, it’s time to unleash hell! Heal the injured heroines with sex! Unload that magnum in your pants, and shoot from the hip! Send them into ecstasy! What awaits you and the heroines in this new life in a destroyed world…!?​

Version Changelog

v20.8 Sweet Home + Charm Song DLC:

  • Fixed an issue where an unreasonable situation where friends were taken outside the stage continued.
  • Fixed an issue where traffic routes were not working properly
  • Fixed an issue where attack actions were difficult to understand

Act 13 boss fix:

  • Fixed an issue where attack pattern change based on physical strength was not working.
  • Adjustment of physical strength etc.
  • Fixed an issue where restraint attacks were not occurring
  • Fixed an issue where summoning reinforcements was not working properly.

idle mode:

  • Improved idle mode lag
    Fixed an issue where individual instruction in idle mode occurred up to Ver. 2.06, but no longer occurred from Ver. 2.07.
  • Fixed an issue that oc
  • curred when a free live failed.

Combat related:

  • Fixed an issue where the heroine would not gather due to the zip line behavior.
  • Fixed an issue where turrets were not effectively attacking some enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where costumes were not working properly in WaterGun
  • Fixed an issue where the idol decoy’s clothing part did not become a hologram and remained normal clothing.
  • Fixed an issue where the achievement “It Shakes” was not unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue where the heroine’s breasts would shake when shot and suddenly stopped working.
  • Fixed a bug in displaying the best score for Halloween and Christmas.
  • Act10 Fixed an issue where the boss would not die if it received lethal fall damage.
  • Act9 Fixed an issue where even if you died during siege, it would be treated as cleared.

Game Images

Seed of the Dead 2: Sweet Home + Charm Song DLC [v2.08] TeamKRAMA Download Links


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