Roshutsu [Alpha8] Jaguar

Download the complete game file of Roshutsu 100% free. Developer Team released a game called Roshutsu on patreon platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Operating System:Windows

Game Storyline

Rika Suto (須戸 りいか, Suto Riika) is a plain-looking 22 year-old exploring her newfound freedom away from home. She always had a dream of cosplaying in public, fantasizing about being surrounded by people taking her picture. The thought of being so exposed to others excited her deep down.

One day, she happened across JAV of a woman outside removing her clothes in public as onlookers watched. That video revealed a whole new world to Rika: exposure play. She quickly became consumed by it and fantasized about it every night: the thought of being so exposed, nothing to hide, everything visible to everyone; she couldn’t get enough of it!

Eventually she had enough fantasizing and set out into the night with a single goal in mind: to feel the cool night wind all over.

Play as Rika as she descends into the world of exposure play. Explore her apartment and prepare herself nightly adventure. Dress-up (or down) with a variety of outfits ranging from plain to fetish. Use her laptop to visit an exhibitionism forum to select daring challenges or upgrade her skills to become more bold and daring. Lay in bed or take a shower to relax or psyche herself up for the night to come.

Once you’re ready to leave and appropriately dressed (or brave enough), step out the door and into the night!

Version Changelog

Alpha 8:


  • The neighborhood is now fixed to nighttime. A daytime mode will be re-added in a future update.
  • Removed confidence health bar.
  • Track the number of times you’ve been caught and for how long.
  • Discarded clothing may now be picked up by other characters.
  • Increased the number of NPCs from 6 to up to 20 at a time.
  • NPCs who spot you will alert nearby other NPCs, potentially drawing more attention to yourself.
  • Game version now only displays on the title screen.
  • Migrated the renderer from built-in render pipeline to universal render pipeline.
  • Accessories are now instantly equipped or unequipped.
  • NPCs can now become alerted. When alerted, they will detect you much faster. They can become alerted after seeing you or being alerted by another NPC who just saw you.
  • Decrease detection time so that NPCs detect you quicker.
  • Remove developer console and Lua scripting
  • Remove Story Mode and Rika’s apartment. These will return in a future update.

Known Issues:

  • NPCs can get stuck in-place on level geometry.
  • Footsteps may not play the right sound.
  • Blindfold does not black out the nearby area.

Game Images

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