Omnilord [v0.120c] TheOtherYuggoth

Download the complete game file of Omnilord 100% free. Developer Team released a game called Omnilord on patreon platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Operating System:Windows, Mac

Game Storyline

Your journey begins as you awaken in the primordial sludge of new world, your responsibilities are great, and your ambition fathomless, conquer and unite the disparate peoples of the world of Arcassa. Bring order to this chaotic realm through guile and power, create clones of yourself, breed minions, and investigate the mysteries of the Neath, Nether, and Surface of this wayward land.​

Version Changelog


  • Added a property award given to the player in the meeting room by Quarstra the Headmage, given after clearing the Riverlands, (And completing Wyrd Magic Quest).
  • Added “A Noble Offer” Quest to the meeting room, allowing player to take over the “Sable Nightmare” Restaurant, unlocked after player develops the riverlands fisheries and watermills.
  • Added “Health Inspection I and II” Quest unlocked after completing “A Noble Offer” Quest, allowing player to take over the “Queenly Delights” Restaurant, owned by Matriarch Charizalle.
  • Added “Diplomatic Party” Quest to the meeting room, allowing the player to gain insights into the activities of the other three Drow City States, unlocked by clearing out the goblins to the north, and finishing Wyrd Magic quest.
  • Added “Camping Trip I” Quest located within the magical tent gifted to players daughters, unlocked after DIY quest, and clearing out the North and East regions, Unlocking Sunra, completing “New Headmaid” Quest, and completing “Wyrd Magic” Quest. (Each event is unlocked one after the other by interacting with the fire pit).
  • Added “Camping Trip II” Quest located in the meeting room, Unlocked by completeing Camping Trip I. Note: Player gets to go on a “camping” trip with daughters >:D (I wonder what will happen?).
  • Fixed Viconia Level drain bug from “Wyrd Magic” Quest.
  • Four new repeatable Sex scenes (I wonder who the players gonna fuck? <:O).
  • Note: “A Noble Offer” Quest can in fact be failed, choose wisely!
  • Note: “Diplomatic Party” Quest has verying degrees of success or failure, each choice matters, have fun out there!
  • Lots of bugfixes.

Game Images

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