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Download the complete game file of Mazex100% free. Drabel Team released a game called Mazex on Patreon platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Operating System:Windows, Linux, Mac

Game Storyline

In the game we play as a young warrior adventurer named Leonid. Journeying to the ancient Greek island of Crete in fantasy world filled with magic and mystery. Leonid arrives on the island in order to solve the mystery of the missing villagers, in order to do this he goes through the depths of the maze.​

Version Changelog

Mazex 0.50a:

  • New character Maya.
  • New side quest for Maya.
  • New hscene with Maya.
  • New character – Cow girl.
  • Added armor system.
  • Added a new tab in the inventory menu.
  • Added new items:
  • leather
  • Rag
  • Rag hat
  • Rag tunic
  • Rag pants
  • Leather hat
  • Leather tunic
  • Leather pants
  • Thread Grass
  • Added crafting recipes for new items.
  • Added ability to upgrade newly added items to lvl 4 after learning recipes.
  • Rag and leather can now drop from crates.
  • Added item “Plants and Threads Recipe”.
  • Added item “Basic sewing Recipe”.
  • Added item “Intermediate sewing Book”.
  • Added item “Advanced sewing Book”.
  • Added crafting recipe – Thread.
  • Added crafting recipe – rag.
  • Improved animation smoothness for zombies.
  • Improved stone throwing animations for zombies.
  • Added 2 new attack animations for zombies.
  • Zombie now turns toward player when attacking.
  • Zombies now have a chance to drop rag 15%.
  • Changed sounds for zombies, in the old ones there was too much noise.
  • Added mini h scene.
  • Respawned zombie should no longer hold stone.
  • Active waypoint now heals up to 50% hp (e.g. the one in the village)
  • Elpidia’s wing displacement bug has been fixed.
  • Elpidia moves her head a bit more smoothly now.
  • Added mini quest for Laryssa, She is no longer available from the beginning.
  • Laryssa is now looking at the player.
  • Textures in the forge no longer flicker.
  • Reworked stamina system.
  • Stamina is now displayed more smoothly.
  • Changed design of stamina bar.
  • Fixed bug causing stamina not to regenerate after exhaustion after a jump.
  • Added anemic jump while exhausting stamina.
  • Map area expanded: abandoned house under the forest.
  • Meadows expanded.
  • Added spot with mobs and key.
  • Changed terrain a bit in the village.
  • The arrangement of Elpidia’s garden has been slightly changed.
  • Changed spot near village, removed ruins and skeletons.
  • Minor changes in the area past the lake.
  • Added Maya’s house.
  • Fixed a bug causing multiple playbacks of the dying sound after death.
  • Bow now has its own progress bar when pulling the string.
  • Fixed bug of firing an arrow without pulling after changing weapons.
  • Added ability to crouch (ctrl) because why not.
  • Fixed Maze warrior left shoe.
  • Different boob size for Maze warrior (B-E) E cup is the largest that can be drawn and has a lower chance of being drawn,
    larger ones do not fit the character.
  • Levelup now gives +5hp.
  • The amount of hp for mobs depends on the difficulty level set in the options in order easy x0.8 base hp, normal x1 base hp,
    hard x1.2 base hp.
  • Mobs (zombies, small goblin) have a small chance to respawn with higher level, 6% level 2, 1% level 3, higher level mobs have almost 2 times more hp and hit about half as hard
    drop more loot and exp.
  • Added random quantity to dropped loot.
  • Rebalancing mobs.
  • Added compliantly new bugs!
  • The hoe is now a bit bigger.
  • Fixed bug causing arrows to stop on dropped items.
  • River now is slowing the player down and has a sound of stepping on water.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a player from dying after eating poisoned food.
  • Rhea no longer activates conversation automatically, you have to use interaction.
  • Added ability to remove nearby grass in h scene.
  • Fixed a bug that caused attacking with open inventory.
  • Attack with insufficient stamina no longer drain stamina.
  • Celshading intensity has been slightly changed.
  • Added tooltip “disabled in maze” for save game button.
  • Added floating damage for enemies and player.
  • Bug with esc fixed, you can now close inventory with it.
  • Added notification of picked up item.
  • No longer need to drag arrows on the hotslot to see the amount, added a counter of arrows in the upper left corner.
  • Cheatmenu can now be closed using ‘o’ or ‘esc’ keys.
  • Added puzzles in the open world.
  • Water in the lake has been changed.
  • Added lake sound.
  • Changed ocean water.
  • New mechanics: added notes, can be read, can not be picked up, added some to the game.
  • Girls only look at player now when he approaches max 5m.
  • Recipes and notes shine for moments when you approach.
  • The sound of picking up items has been changed.
  • Added sound of crate hitting the ground.
  • Added footsteps sounds for skeletons, treeman, small goblin, zombies, Mazewarrior.
  • Added sound of sword hitting the ground.
  • Added sound when hitting zombies, skeletons, treeman, small goblin, zombies, Mazewarrior.
  • Player footsteps sounds changed.
  • Added the sound of an arrow being knocked in.
  • Added sparks after hitting the shields.
  • Added wall of fame.
  • Rebalance of mob spawn in maze, less chance of maze warrior, now small goblin and skeleton can spawn.
  • Hotslots are saved between levels.
  • If there is a difference in save versions there will now be an alert.
  • Fixed a bug of lifting objects after a dialogue.
  • Added tooltips for items in crafting.
  • Added text color of recipes that can be crafted.
  • Autosave fixed, now there is a pop up message.
  • A bug causing the attack to stutter has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug causing zombie stone to stop on sword.
  • Fixed a bug causing music to stutter during combat.
  • Some minor changes mostly visual.

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