Left Hand Magic [Build 14] Novus

Download the complete game file of Left Hand Magic 100% free. Developer Team released a game called Left Hand Magic on patreon platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Operating System:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android

Game Storyline

A talented Battlemage, you are struggling to find work for your type of magic in a post-industrial (Magitek/Magic Punk) world that no longer has much need for battle magic. To be fair, you were warned about this. Your parents, your friends, even your instructors at university all pointed out that Battle Magic, once the most important of all fields, has long lost its purpose.

The monsters are all dead or uplifted to being civilized. Dungeons all long since discovered, looted, and destroyed. Even warfare is now dominated by magitek warmachines and tools, all the products of artificers and enchanters.

But…battle magic was what you were good at, a prodigy by any measure. And you had a passion for wielding the elements in destructive ways anyway. Who doesn’t want to light things of fire or fry bad guys with lightning?! You ignored them all and mastered your area of expertise, graduating from the most prestigious magical academy on the continent! Too bad that no one needs you now…

Down on your luck, skipping from menial job to menial job, you’re unexpectedly recruited by Left Hand Solutions, a company that’s made up of similar people, each trying to find positive uses for their particular types of magic in the modern world. Given that those include Blood Magic, Necromancy, and Summoning…you wonder if they aren’t just a little bit insane. Even so, the pay is good and the staff are all friendly…and female. Maybe this won’t be so bad?

Version Changelog

Build 14:

Build 14 mostly focuses on finishing up weekday content for Week 5. Talia’s Route and Revina’s Route are now finished through their week 5 weekday content. The Arianna/Talia Threesome Route got it’s first two days, as well, leaving just 3 scenes left to do in all of week 5’s weekdays. There is also a new Week 4 masturbation option for those stuck in chastity belts!

  • Revina’s Route: All 5 of Revina’s Weekdays for Week 5 are now available.
  • Talia’s Week 5, Day 5, was added to finish up her weekday content
  • Arianna/Talia/MC Route now has 2/5 days of it’s Week 5 content.
  • Chastity Masturbation Option added for those that do a Research or Training day in Week 4. Previously, there was no chastity-enabled sex scene for that the Library and Firing Range. Now, you can ask Revina for permission to cum…but you’ll have to earn it!
  • Cheat now informs you when it’s enabled. Didn’t have the free time to do more than that.
  • Gallery Updated with new scenes
  • Credits Updated
  • Various Typo and Bug fixes deployed

Game Images

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