King of Court [v0.1.0.0] Mtermik Studios

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Game Details

Developer:Mtermik Studios
Operating System:Windows, Linux, Mac

Game Storyline

Welcome to the world of Rostrum, a nation forged from the remnants of a humanity rebuilding after the collapse caused by AI over a century ago. In the heart of this society lies Court, a strategic board game created exclusively by Mtermik Studios for King of Court, serving as the ultimate authority in disputes, conflicts, and negotiations.

You, the player, take on the role of a young Duelist in ‘King of Court.’ Raised on a distant farm, far removed from the mainstream allure of Court, you unexpectedly discover an innate talent for the game that surpasses anything the world has ever seen.

In a society where values, morals, and governance have shifted drastically, Court is everything. Duelists, the celebrities of their day, are trained in five distinct colleges to become the face of this strategic battleground. But Court is not just a game; it’s a reflection of power, fame, and money, and navigating this arena will test your character.

Rostrum, a nation born from struggle and technological resurgence, holds secrets and challenges as you rise through the ranks of Court. Will you cling to the values instilled in you on the farm, or succumb to the temptations that fame and power inevitably throw your way? As you make strategic moves on the board, so too must you navigate the complexities of relationships with friends and family, deciding whether to nurture them or use them as pawns in your rise to dominance.

Immerse yourself in a visual novel where every decision shapes your destiny. Explore the unique mechanics of Court, discover the intricacies of Rostrum’s society, and witness the consequences of your choices unfold. In a world where the line between the game and reality blurs, will you emerge as the King of Court, or be consumed by the very game that elevated you? The pieces are set; the board is yours to conquer.

Version Changelog

Initial release of King of Court


  • More than 1000 renders
  • Dynamic items with action selection wheels
  • Simulated rotation of 3D models, inspired be Resident Evil’s examine feature
  • Interactive in-game camera in the players phone for taking pictures in game
  • Sneak detection system, adds a layer of challenge to stealth sequences
  • Memory system for NPCs and PC allows both to remember player choices
  • Quest system for tracking Main, Side and Hidden quests
  • Dynamic event registration and activation allowing for unique or random encounters in game
  • Phone applications
  • Gallery
  • Contacts
  • Exposure Cards
  • Text Messaging
  • Statistics
  • Tasks
  • Backpack
  • Perception reveals all hidden item interactions in a location, but prevents those items from granting perception points if used
  • Navigation between locations is handled via the foot prints in a location, leading to any adjoining areas
  • Full screen image viewer displays full screen images such as Exposure images

Game Images

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