Guild of Spicy Adventures [v0.59] Hikkeiru

Game Storyline

Unleash your sword and embark on an journey with your beautiful companions to conquer challenges in this harem adventure game.

Version Changelog


  • Story continuation:
    Ask Dalia, and Kanae about the reason for your release.
    Review the potion with Mara.
    Adding 3 events in the meantime while I’m in the middle of making a really big story event!
  • If you experienced animation stuck on Kanae handjob h-scene. The animations were re-exported which should remove this problem for those devices. There is also a different camera for the bonus content. Thanks to everyone who reported the problem, especially @kkkitsune who relentlessly tested the dev builds for me ❤
  • Thanks for proofreading Ryleona
  • Fixes accommodation time availability to day only.
  • Internal changes to undo, targetting rare occurrences where the line gets ahead of undo capture.
  • Fixed blue animations that happened on a few Android devices. The problem was with devices selecting the wrong gpu api not correctly supported by the device. Thank you @manicdiety @nick17#8344 @ndietrick @zacargazesh @kkkitsune @krilzard
  • Undo save is now faster as it doesn’t wait for the current background to show.
  • Undo now awaits any save finish to prevent undo cancelation stacking.
  • Undo now has a marker to show that the game is taking the undo with a hover tooltip.
  • Manako slaps after a rain event now only after you ask her for a spicy time before.
  • Internal background timeout cancels itself to prevent any hard locking background in case there would be an error with its preparation. This is part of a rare bug where the device didn’t support a background and it blocked the entire queue.

Game Images

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