FarmD [v1.6.3] Softscale

Download the complete game file of FarmD 100% free. Developer Team released a game called FarmD on patreon platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Operating System:Windows

Game Storyline

FarmD is a furry sex sandbox game, focused on engaging in lewd acts with your four-legged dragon friend. The game is still early in development, and will be expanded to support additional species for the player and partner, larger world environments, anthro partners, and more! The game supports both VR and desktop (non-VR) play styles, with VR being the focus but most content is accessible in either mode.

Version Changelog



  • Restored support for using the belly rig while in the indoor scenes instead of only being available outdoors. Also, when in indoor scenes your partner will now stand still and buck their hips, instead of trying to walk to the normal route that’s outdoors and getting stuck in the corner.
  • Added icons for some sex positions that just had generic star icons, to make it a little easier to identify them in the radial menus.
  • The Big Cat Male model now has cosmetic options for toggling the large sabre teeth.
  • Added a “Copy to Clipboard” button to the debug console for easier bug reporting.


  • Reworked some backend handling for the IK animation setup on characters, to fix issues like feral characters’ spines and necks being twisted if changing their species in a lying-down pose, characters’ wrist twist giving inconsistent results, and error/warning spam in the logs about quaternion rotations. These changes also resulted in the default open pose of anthro characters’ hands being a little different than before, but should give more consistent finger poses across character models.
  • Adjusted the leg length scaling for anthro characters, which should give better results with digitigrade characters to not have such bent legs all the time.
  • Replaced the “Simple” fluid particle system with a third-party asset (ThiccWater) for some nicer results. You may need to adjust the color and opacity of fluids in the Character Menu to look correct with the new setup.
  • Another one of the crates in the stable is now interactable, for the anthro/anthro “Bend Over” pose like the kitchen counter.
  • Tweaked some color tone / post-processing settings for a nicer look.
  • Adjusted the breast size range of the Big Cat Female to be more consistent with the other female models.
  • Tweaked the breast physics settings on characters to help limit the amount of clipping into the chest.
  • If your partner is walking to an interaction and the character menu is opened they will stop moving, in order to prevent an interaction from starting that may no longer be valid if their body is changed before they reach the interaction.
  • Updated the Legacy models to have explicit “None” options for genital types where applicable instead of needing to deselect the current type, for consistency with the Standard models.
  • The validation check for the names of custom skins is now more permissive than just alphanumeric, and will accept Cyrillic and other characters when creating a new skin.

Game Images

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