Evil 2 [v0.70] community project

Download the complete game file of Evil 2 100% free. Developer Team released a game called Evil 2 on patreon platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Developer:community project
Operating System:Windows

Game Storyline

This game is an open world QSP based RPG style game. Much of the inspiration for this game comes from the original game EVIL with similar game mechanics and storylines. It is a lot different than the story based visual novels where your hand is held throughout the game experience. No hand holding is done in this game. All choices are up to you. You carve your own path in this game and you basically build/create your own story.

You create a male character and start life in the capital. The action takes place in a parallel world where most things are similar to our world, but there are also differences. In the course of the game you can, for example, create your own gang, you can use and sell drugs, you can own a brothel and manage whores, engage in blackmail and, through acquaintances with the elite, turn things around, you can kidnap people and force them to sign slave contracts. Slavery is legal (with restrictions) and you can train your own slaves. The game has a wide range of actions and a deep sex system.

The game has an important economic component; you can legally earn every penny at work or you can choose to break the law to climb to the top of the world. The choice is yours! There is no rigid plot in the game and you don’t owe anything to anyone.

Version Changelog


  • Portrait pictures have been added for all females with a beauty score of 70 or higher. The pictures are matched to their natural hair color (no other matching is done). I added over 500 pictures. The pictures are assigned after starting a new day. So if their beauty score is 70 or higher and they are new, you’ll need to start a new day before she’ll be assigned a unique picture.
  • The player now has three options with the Portrait pictures – #1 Disabled, #2 Background Images (default), #3 Pictures underneath the NPC’s name (this options takes up a lot more space and some scrolling will be required to see all NPC info). These options can be found in the Bathroom menu
  • Added ‘Pregnancy Chance’ options to the bottom of the ‘Female Body Preferences’ screen – Select one option only. Low = 10%, Medium = 25%, and High = 50% chance. You obviously have to creampie their pussy to have a chance of getting a female pregnant. FYI – Pregnancy is calculated once per session, not once per creampie. Make sure she isn’t on birth control if you’re trying to knock her up!
  • Improved the logic at the nude beach. It will be harder to meet new girls and there is always a chance of failure no matter how good looking you are. More girls will turn you down if you aren’t fit and good looking at the nude beach.
  • You now need a locksmith to have a good chance of stealing cars in your gang (new game). Anyone can eventually learn but you’ll have a rough time if they aren’t a locksmith (they may end up in prison a lot). Made locksmiths more common to compensate for the new soft requirement.
  • Spy skill (shadowing for robbery) and car jacking skills have a much slower progress now. They were super fast before and a gang member could easily max their skill in two weeks time.
  • Fixed the exploit with Drug Dens (drug dealers) and adjusted the conditions for success for all whore job types for consistency
  • Junkies can now refuse your ‘Drugs for Sex’ offer (usually because they aren’t slutty enough)
  • Fixed several bugs with MC character creation
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent your family from being generated when starting a new game
  • Fixed the Slimmer drug from killing it’s users – reported by a player
  • Fixed multiple instances of the portrait pictures disappearing under various circumstances
  • Portrait pictures will no longer be displayed during home, strip club, and nightclub sex
  • Fixed the Factory cheat in the cheat menu (two bugs fixed)
  • The ‘Make Virgin’ cheat now preserves more story data such as job and student status
  • Fixed a few bugs with the ‘Make Virgin’ cheat
  • Numerous fixes with the cheats in the cheat menu to work properly with the new portrait picture feature
  • Fixed several bugs with Female Body Preferences
  • Fixed several bugs with the ‘dynamic $d_ultra_fast_start’ cheat – It will no longer incorrectly make a deal with Mabuta without your permission (has to be done manually like it should have been)
  • Improved gang generation with the ‘dynamic $d_ultra_fast_start’ cheat
  • Fixed maid generation when selecting the Use Story Template and Rich Student game start option
  • Made several improvements to the ‘Pimp that Bitch’ cheat and various other cheats in the cheat menu
  • Increased the base chance for a preference to be used by 5% (20% now) when using the ‘Pimp the Bitch’ cheat
  • Several formatting improvements with the End of Day Earnings Report
  • Fixed and improved the functionality of the ‘babies’ and ‘family_tester’ cheats
  • The player is now reminded at new game start to visit Mabuta and strike a deal with him
  • Added a new message when a child ages up to legal age from using the ‘family_tester=1’ cheat
  • Improved the functionality of the ‘Impregnate’ cheat. It will automatically remove birth control and vaginal locks if the NPC can normally be taken off of birth control if the player is using either the ‘babies=1’ or ‘family_tester=1’ cheat
  • University students can no longer be prostitutes and strippers. They will be kicked out of college with existing save games
  • Changed the descriptions for the two largest breast sizes. DD is a European E cup so I changed E to F and the largest size from ‘huge hanging udders’ to G cup
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Various logic improvements
  • Code cleanup

Game Images

Evil 2 [v0.70] community project Download Links

Win (v0.55 Beta – Base Game – Required – 12 GB): GDRIVE – MEGA – UPLOADHAVEN – GOFILE

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