Dragon Tamer [v1.2] Mikifur

Game Storyline

You are a dragon hunter, served to capture and tame dragons so they cannot hurt people, but your methods are… unconventional. You stumbled across a lonely dragon one day that you wish to tame. On the outside, she is a tough and fierce ball of anger, but deep down she just wants company.​

Version Changelog


WebGL Support!:

Dragon Tamer can now be played in the browser! Note that this is still experimental and due to the intensity of the game it may not perform well on certain browsers!

Toys and new scenes!:

Added Dildos and 4 new scenes that use them! They can be found under the Actions tab. (Will add more models of toys in the future!)
Extra settings

Added more settings like fullscreen toggle and sound controllers for PC versions of the game!

  • 2 new sex scenes!
  • Your dragon can now talk during sex
  • Optimizations, bug fixes and adjustments to body sizes.

Game Images

Dragon Tamer [v1.2] Mikifur Download Link


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