Dekamara [v0.6] PsychoSeel

Download the complete game file of Dekamara 100% free. Developer Team released a game called Dekamara on patreon platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Operating System:Windows, Android

Game Storyline

Holy forest is in danger! Lewd girls have corrupted the forest with their naughtiness! Our only hope is you, Dekamara, to teach them how to behave and be a good girl satisfying their naughty desires. But careful! If you fall weak, they’ll teach you a lesson instead!

Version Changelog


  • Fixed text going out of textbox boundaries.
  • Fixed textbox getting drawn below other objects, like pets or gates.
  • Reduced text size by %25 in textboxes line spacing in textboxes.
  • Portuguese localization(thanks to @riosuki). Localization is not something we planned to add initially so there might be some issues.
  • Fixed issue that occurs when the player activates Guide Pet on a moving platform, which would stop the character from following the platform.
  • Optimization for low-end devices, mostly for mobile devices. If you had a low frame rate before, you should check again.
  • Pets slightly move away from the player when they are having sex to avoid blocking its animation on altar scenes.
  • Fixed a bug where girls that are being carried would get stuck on platforms.
  • Improved 3D audio
  • Fixed a bug that allows players to move through the locked gates by jumping towards them.
  • Orgasm animation now waits for new vocals to end to avoid ending it prematurely. Girls have short and long orgasm vocals to allow keeping it short and long, it depends on player SP amount when the orgasm starts.
  • Game now saves right after the player is spawned from the portal in the beginning of a stage.
  • Lust essence and Lust crystals are now saved.
  • Fixed the bug that allowed players to perform triple jump without having Mushroom Pet
  • Reduced jump buffer from 32 frames to 8 frames.
  • [Mobile]: You can now hold down the attack button to attack continuously
  • Organised the options menu by adding subcategories
  • Saver position in stage 1 and 2 changed. In stage 1, I put Guide in her position instead.
  • Fixed a bug where the player would stop 1 pixel above the moving platforms when jumping on top of it.
  • Fixed a bug where Witch wouldn’t be cleared of her assigned moving platform, so she would get teleported on it immediately when she got dropped unconscious after teleporting.
  • Added flashing indicator when damage is tanked by spending SP
  • Added flashing indicator at the exact frame when Mushroom is ready to boost player again
  • Pets are now paused when the game is paused.
  • Stored Lust Essence is now saved for pets.
  • Fixed Guide stopping following player when player touches an obstacle.
  • Added fade in/out effect to stage transitions.
  • Pregnant Witch’s now gets closer to the player to allow interaction.
  • Levers on Stage 10 puzzles won’t play the first time trigger sequence since gates are already visible on camera.
  • Fixed player taking damage while having sex after dropping unconscious(by smelling the horny poof)
  • Added pink flashing effect when the player inhales the pink gas released from the plant.
  • Hidden interaction prompts while ejaculating.
  • Fixed borderless screen option not being able to be applied when the game launched.
  • You can now have sex in front of altars.
  • Improved movement code, player moves slower when carrying girls. Movement should feel smoother in general now.
  • Player will no longer be considered in ‘lose state’ while dropping unconscious.
  • Reduced Pet Archer’s cooldown 4 sec -> 2 sec
  • Added new particle sprites to healing particles and Lust Essence
  • Updated Healer Pet’s healing beam sprite
  • Added an animation when player earn a Lust Crystal
  • Added an animation sequence for spawning pets and added explanation text
  • Added an indicator when a girl gets pregnant
  • Added 3 New soundtracks(1 for Gallery mode)
  • Added voice to girls!(Credits: Chloe Angel, CinderDryadVA, HoneyVee)

Game Images

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