CyberpunkXXX [v0.0.1] GAMERFLEX Studios

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Game Details

Developer:GAMERFLEX Studios
Operating System:Windows

Game Storyline

The year is 2065. The world is a very different place. A combination of war, corruption and climate change has ravaged civilisation as we know it. What is left of the remaining population live in vast settlement cyber cities dotted throughout the world comprised of various themed districts.

You will play as one of two available bounty droids hired to help the “Rebel Element”, a small faction seeking to overthrow the “Governance” who have gained power through violence, intimidation and bribery after the great overthrow in 2030. Using a combination of violent force, infiltration and sexual manipulation you will have to travel from city to city altering the delicate balance of power while ensuring your own continued survival.

The odds are greatly stacked against you, but with a vast range of weaponry at your disposal including vehicles and Mech robots as well your own seductive powers you are the “Rebel Element’s” last remaining hope.

Version Changelog


It’s been an incredibly long and tortuous 18 months(ish) since we started development on CyberpunkXXX and we can finally say we have moved on past the demo phase and started the actual development build. It’s still in it’s very early stages and we have a huge amount of work to put in before the actual game is released sometime next year but we are moving in the right direction and are overjoyed with the progress we have made so far.

We will also be releasing updates at a far higher frequency than we have been doing especially now that the games important mechanics have been established and implemented as we wanted. We are now in a position where we can just focus on adding more missions, characters, weapons, vehicles, sexual content and the narrative too.

One final point. It may seem as though not a huge amount of content has been added since the final demo was released but we did notice that with every new mechanic, location, character and animations the FPS started to slowly diminish. We knew that at some point we really needed to work on optimizing the game better so for the last month or so we have been heavily working on this side of the project.

We know it not exciting or cool but it’s a fundamental requirement that the game runs as smooth as possible on a large range of systems. Even older hardware and graphics cards should be able to run CyberpunkXXX in a playable manner and we feel the work we have done recently should help us achieve that goal.

  • Updated gamepad configuration
  • Updated dialogue system (multiple player responses)
  • NPC’s will now remember previous conversations and responses
  • Added 300+ lines of NPC dialogue/audio
  • Added three new X-rated animations
  • Added Erotico location
  • Added Shotgun
  • Added “Paradise” mission
  • New character “The Fixer”
  • New character “Micky T”
  • New character “JayTech”
  • New enemy models
  • Optimized lighting
  • Optimized materials
  • Optimized textures
  • Optimized culling
  • Optimized lods
  • Optimized animations

Game Images

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