Cursed [v0.58] Sid Valentine

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Game Details

Developer:Sid Valentine
Operating System:Windows, Linux

Game Storyline

Settled in a middle-aged environment, a broken adventurer returns to his home town and turns into a barmaid, then is cursed by a succubus.​

Version Changelog


  • Can now talk to Elazar after completing the thieves hideout. He’ll have different dialogue depending on how you proceeded with the thieves. He’ll also give you the next lead for an item Thea needs. Whether or not he charges you for the lead depends on what you did with the thieves.
  • Drakos Estate. This is the next story area. No fighting this time. An item that Thea needs is part of an auction going on at the Drakos Estate. Right now only the straightforward way to complete is available. Talk to the old lady, buy her invitation, then go into the basement and attend the auction. In future updates there’ll be a few more ways to complete the area and get the item.

The next couple of updates will focus on fleshing out the Drakos Estate and the routes through it. Right now what I have planned is:

  • Thea can be the ‘date’ for one of the male guests. How far she’s willing to go will decide on if he just helps her get into the auction or if he gets the item for her.
  • Disguise herself as a maid and steal the item. Members of the estate staff can realize she doesn’t actually work there and she’ll have to persuade them to keep their mouth shut. There’ll be other ways of dealing with problems.

I’d also like to make the actual auction itself a bit more dynamic but I’m not really sure how. Having Thea just attend and win the auction herself will probably be seen as the boring way for most players, so spending too much time on it seems a bit counterintuitive.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’ll try to do one full route per update. I’m not sure when the next one will be — like usual I’ll aim for the end of the month/start of the next.

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