Broken Dreams Correctional Center [v0.1.3] RahiMew

Download the complete game file of Broken Dreams Correctional Center 100% free. Developer Team released a game called Broken Dreams Correctional Center on patreon platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Operating System:Windows, Mac, Android

Game Storyline

Broken Dreams Correctional Center (BDCC) is an erotic text based game about being a prisoner in a space prison with a lot of adult themes.

It’s obviously a game that involves a lot of bdsm and d/s. The content in this game ranges from vanilla sex to some very dark and sometimes violent stuff. But there are no deaths or guro. It’s also a furry game but you can choose to play as a human or a human-furry hybrid.

The game’s story will explore many dark topics like legal slavery, forced breeding and others. There is content for both subby and dominant players but obviously switches will get to experience everything.

This game is influenced a lot by other erotic text rpg games like Trials in the Tainted Space and Lilith’s Throne. The idea of a scifi space prison setting came from a place inside second life called RRDC.

Version Changelog



  • Introducing Socket! A new easy-going fennec enginner that needs help settling in. Help her do some little tasks around the station while getting into some lewd situations. Her content is focussed around casual sex and free use. To start her content visit the workshop after completing (or skipping) the portal panties quest. Socket’s content comes with a lot of custom assets, animations, scene art, unique clothing. The production value for her content is very high ^^
  • Ability to enslave dynamic NPCs! Break their spirit, kidnap them into your cell (Socket will help you prepare your cell for that), make them submit to you (like 4 ways to do it, be careful not to break their mind), train them! This is easily the feature that took the most time to complete. Still mostly a framework but there is already some fun to be had for sure. The framework is also highly expandable, including with mods ^^
  • 3 specializations/skills for your slaves. Submissive, slut, pet. Focus on 1 or spend the time to train all 3 to a single slave, your choice. Submissive slaves can be trained to serve you, sluts can be trained to do prostitution, pets you can do walkies around the station with!
  • Lots of basic actions to interact with your slave. Reward/punish your slave, talk with them, parade them around the station on a leash, force them into stocks, give them showers, manage their clothes, change their haircut.. Or just fuck them.
  • Staff can also be enslaved but you will have to find a way to get your hands on some collars
  • Inmate uniforms and underwear can now be visibly damaged in procedural sex. Uniform has many damaged states, from just a few little holes to being mostly destroyed! Repair your clothing in the laundry (Damaged uniform sprites by MaxMaxouCat)
  • Underwear, strapons and rope harness can now be dyed any color in the laundry!
  • Fennec head, ears and tail. Also 1 new hair and skin
  • Sybian can be installed in your cell by Socket. Ride it alone or with a slave
  • Vents. Socket can now clear some vents for you, giving you one-way fast-travel to some locations around the station
  • More dick skins by AverageAce!
  • Tail scale slider. Make your tail bigger or smaller in the character creator
  • Ability to change the names of how npcs self-identify (herm, peachboy, etc) in the options
  • Highly-experimental feature of turning any static npc into a dynamic one with the ability to enslave them. Accessable only through the debug menu

Game Images

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