BMO TV [v0.6.1.f1b] Rel

Download the complete game file of BMO TV100% free. Rel Team released a game called BMO TV on Patreon platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Operating System:Windows, Linux, Mac

Game Storyline

BMO TV is a point-and-click adventure game about a reality tv show, where the contestants transform each other into all kinds of sexual kinks. The player has to either eliminate the other residents before they eliminate them, or make allies to uncover a conspiracy far greater than themselves. We want to spread the message of the sex-positive movement, so at its core this game is about the players exploring their fetishes and kinks, and getting to know themselves.

Version Changelog


  • Slime TF (most complex tf we’ve had yet on a technical level)
  • added Himari Expressions Graphics
  • reworked almost all Himari Dialogs to show fitting Expressions (let me know if some are missing or not working correctly)
  • added sound effects to some Himari Expressions
  • Succubus TF completely reworked with more graphics and player choices
  • completely reworked sex mini game (first iteration, still some features missing, more next patch)
  • added sex mini game to several sex scenes (all would have been too much work)
  • ability to skip and roll a dice to check success for new sex mini game
  • added sex scenes for all NPCs when they have been transformed with DUM+ and/or HEAT+
  • added a caravan to the garden after Abigail gets forced to live in one
  • Second Abigail Room (Caravan) in World and for Ally Night Events
  • finally fixed the Thoughts UI not working correctly
  • new room environment audio system (experimental for now but will get fleshes out over the next few months.)
  • some new background music added in several spots (will also be more over the next few months)
  • doubled number of save slots available
  • Searchfield for Savegames (not very performant but it works)
  • Popularity Gain Difficulty Slider
  • Clothes Popularity Loss Difficulty Slider
  • added the new Femdemic hairstyles in the Ally route
  • fixed Pool Filter Look option missing
  • asking Allies for help with high-up items when the ladder doesn’t fit
  • Unity Engine Upgrade
  • switched ALL asset loading to Addressables (I had to rewrite all scripts that load any media, no idea what the optimization effect of this will be but the game is buildable again, which it wasn’t before because it needed over 30GB of RAM to do so)

Game Images

BMO TV [v0.6.1.f1b] Rel Download Links


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