Beat Banger [v2.893 Patreon+Cheats] [BunFan Games]

Download the complete game file of Beat Banger 100% free. BunFan Team released a game called Beat Banger v2.893 on the Patreon platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for Windows devices, then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Operating System:Windows

Game Storyline

Beat Banger is a simple NSFW rhythm game created using the Godot Engine. This is BunFan Games’ first-ever released project

Version Changelog

v2.893 Patreon (2023-06-11)

  • Gale has 2nd tit variation
  • All animation’s have some shade(refined?) on them now
  • Sound & Voice effects
  • and finally, Gale has a climax scene

Olegowsom thanks for the link


Cheats Guide

In order to use cheats, you need to press “F2” to open up the console and enter one of the following commands:

  • ping = Returns “Pong!”
  • hello = Returns “Hey!”
  • clear = Clears the console window of entries
  • history = Returns previously entered text in the form of an array (sorted form most recent to least recent)
  • reload = Reloads scene (Highly recommended not to use during level, currently softlocks game)
  • handsfree = Automatically activates notes (Also sets “clean_game” to false, resulting in no progress, money, score, etc.)
  • nofail = missing notes does not take your hearts away (Does NOT effect “clean_game” stat)
  • hidehud = Toggles all hud element visibility
  • fail = Forces FAIL event
  • end = Skips to end of level (If “handsfree” was used, the command will go back to level select, otherwise it goes to successful level end screen and subsequent cutscene)
  • clearsaveonly = Resets save data (Shop purchases, money, level progress)
  • clearalldata = Resets all game data (Save Data and Options)
  • resetsteam = Resets Steam Stats (No noticeable effect currently)
  • opendata = Opens user data directory (The directory your save file and settings are located in)
  • logs = Opens beat_banger.log file
  • givemoney [int] = Adds [int] to your current money amount (e.g. “givemoney 1500” returns “Gave player $1500” and adds $1500 to total money)
  • setstartingbeat [float] = Used before entering a level, offsets starting beat (and subsequent beats) by [float] seconds
  • calculatebeat = Honestly, not really sure how to use this command
  • rewind -[int] = Reloads level at [int] note. Note: “-” is required before [int] otherwise command leads to softlock
  • setnotespeed [float] = Sets speed at which notes appear from off screen [Default value is 350, I don’t really recommend changing this, some values can lead to a softlock
  • saveload = Saves game, then loads game
  • freecandy = Unlocks all levels (Must use on level select screen [Unlock state gets cleared after leaving screen, to permanently unlock all levels, complete last level and previous levels will be unlocked])

Game Images

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