8 Days with the Diva [v0.9.5] Slamjax Games

Game Storyline

It is the 2070s and you take on the role of Snake Siemen, an up-and-coming operative of the evil organization ‘Talon’. Your boss Doomfist has faith in your abilities and you’re not about to let him down.

As part of a promotion into the ranks of the most elite agents of Talon, you are given a test – the world-famous gamer girl, live streamer, movie actress and elite combat pilot D.Va has just been made a prisoner! You have 8 days to train D.Va and turn her into a Talon asset in any way you see fit! But with other elite Talon agents ready to interfere with your plans, things could get very complicated, very quickly!​

Game Details

Developer:Slamjax Games
Operating System:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android

Version Changelog

+The second-to-last batch of endings are here!
+This update focuses on the “balanced” endings, where you concentrate evenly on two of the attributes for D.VA.
+There is also one more way to perfectly balance out the attributes for D.Va other than 4 and 4. Do it this one other way for a bonus ending!

Game Images

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